Transformer Oil Recycling

After draining small or large volumes of transformer oil from our industrial, commercial and institutional clients’ premises, our fleet of transformer oil trucks and tankers safely transport it to one of our Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental services facilities. There, transformer oil is rendered to eradicate all PCB content and other types of contamination, and converted for reuse or resale in the Canadian market. To ensure complete protection in the event of a rupture or emergency spill, we use a portable "spill containment berm" which enables transformer oil to be fully contained. We own and operate a concrete contained, 700,000 litre capacity, geosynthetic membrane transformer oil tank farm for long or short-term transformer oil storage. We offer silicone fluid level top ups for existing silicone filled transformers, and transformer filling services using new silicone fluid, paraffinic or naphthenic based transformer oil, or our MODEF 60 type I or type II mineral insulating transformer oils. For technical data on our company's silicone transformer fluid, please visit SDS silicone fluid. For technical data on our MODEF60 mineral insulating transformer oils, please visit:

To discover how our transformer oil recycling services, our other recycling services, or our Ontario wastewater treatment services can assist your company, please get in touch with our environmental services professionals.