Analytical & Testing Services

At Aevitas, Canada's premier supplier of on-site environmental services and electrical equipment disposal services, we offer comprehensive analytical and testing services to provide you with the reliable data you require. Our analytical and testing services for electrical equipment disposal include:

  • Testing oil for PCB contamination levels
  • Testing paints/coatings for PCB and heavy metals
  • Waste characterization analysis
  • Toxic Characteristic Leachate Procedure (TCLP)
  • And more

Other analytical and testing services can be applied to the following materials:

  • Wastewater; metals, pH, nitrate & nitrite, BOD, chromate, free cyanide, phenols, fluoride, sulphide, PCB, total suspended solids, oil & grease, etc.
  • Contaminated soil & solids; metals, pH, oil & grease, moisture.
  • PCB contamination; soil, tar, pothead, paper, caulking, swipe, electrical cable.
  • Oils, fuels, solvents, grease; metals, specific gravity, flash point, DGA, PCB.

To discover just how our company's analytical and testing services can help your business, give us a call. Don’t forget to ask us about our other on-site environmental services, and our Ontario wastewater treatment services.